Hello, I’m Heather

For Edmonton-Strathcona

Love and courage

As your Edmonton Strathcona NDP
nomination candidate, Heather is:

Energetic and committed

community member and volunteer

Expert with over

25+ years experience as an educator, advocate, and development specialist

Experienced advocate at

the national and international level

Committed NDP member

and dedicated volunteer

Long-term Edmonton Strathcona resident,

choosing to raise my family in Edmonton Strathcona

Support Heather's Campaign

We’d like to get our candidate’s first leaflet in every mail box as soon as possible. Can you be part of our delivery blitz on Saturday, January 19?

We will have pick-up points across the riding and you can get your package of leaflets and poll maps beginning Friday evening.

Email (heather@edmontonstrathcona.ca) us or call/text 780‑446‑5461 to sign up!

Heather McPherson is the NDP candidate in the federal riding of Edmonton Strathcona.